Connor Greene

Problem Solver


About Me

I'm a junior at Lehigh University studying Computer Science and Business. I've been programming since eighth grade, with most of my time spent doing full-stack web development. Since then, I've been building servers, administrating Linux and Windows systems, and developing and hosting web applications.

I had experience working with LEMP/LAMP stacks, Plesk, Windows Server, WordPress, and custom MSSQL/MySQL databases while I was at Application X from May of 2016 to January of 2020 as a full stack developer. Most recently, I've been working as an intern security analyst for Lehigh University, and have been practicing system administration and networking in my home lab.


Web Development

• ASP.NET Core
• PHP / WordPress
• JavaScript / NodeJS
• Vue.js
• jQuery


• C# (and Visual Basic)
• Javascript
• C and C++
• Java

Dev Ops

• Linux Servers
• NGINX / Apache
• MySQL / MS SQL Server
• Windows Servers
• Docker

Positive Press

Lehigh Valley Live - Easton Area School District App
November, 2018

The Easton Area School District alert app was developed by teacher Michael Tanczos and alumnus Connor Greene. It consolidates multiple streams of district information including district-issued alerts, social media posts and links to lunch menus, the online lunch payment site and archived school board meetings on YouTube.
"The app is going to send you messages. It's going to give you information. It's going to build a stronger community within the Easton Area School District," according to Lisa Manzo.

The Morning Call - Easton Area School District App
November, 2018

"It evolved to reflect the Easton community," Tanczos said. "It makes it really neat for people."
He and Greene started in May and had to learn how to make a mobile app — no small feat. Now that Tanczos has been through the process, mobile app development will be incorporated into the district's computer science curriculum. Students will have a chance to update and change the app.

The Morning Call - NHS Attendance Program
January, 2018

National Honor Society members at Easton Area High School might be good students, but until recently, their meetings never started on time. It would take up to 20 minutes for officers to take attendance for the nearly 260-member group. It was an ongoing problem that school employees and students hadn't been able to solve for years.
Until now.
Check-in time has been cut in half or more thanks to an invention by member Connor Greene, a senior whose passion for computer science led him to fix the attendance problem.